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AD Guidelines
Hi Folks,

We want to truly thank you for the interest in advertising your site(s) in the Free Ads section of our forum. We want to inform you of some important guidelines to keep our section professional, clean, and safe for all internet users that have access to our forum. By submitting a thread to this section, you fully read and understood our guidelines. 

Unaccepted Content
  • Illegal Content - Please do not advertise a site that is illegal in the United States on Promotion Paradise.
  • Hateful Content - Please do not advertise a site that includes hate toward a group of individuals based on their race, religion, sexuality, political views, and ethnicity. This includes hate on any specific individual regardless of a community member on Promotion Paradise or in the real world.
  • Scamming or Phishing - Please do not advertise a site that has a sole purpose to scam users or act like a reputable company to get personal information such as credit cards, password, and so on.
  • Malware - Please do not advertise a site that includes malware or any harmful software to force users to download malicious software.
  • Pornography or NSFW Content - Please do not advertise a site that includes any links, text, or media which may not be allowed in a workplace or a parent/guardian would approve. 
  • Pirated or Nulled Software - Please do not advertise a site which uses any software that is pirated or nulled. This includes content which promotes or allow internet users to download these kinds of software.
  • Foreign Language - Please do not advertise a site that is non-English and does not have any multiple language support (such as English) or no translation widget from Google or Bing. 
  • Shorten URLs - Please do not advertise any site with a shortened URL such as,, tinyurl, or other similar services. Users need to view the full URL for safety purposes. 
  • Hacking Content - Please do not advertise a site that promotes hacking methods, tutorials, advice, and so on regardless of individual accounts or website databases. 
We apologize for any incompetence for advertising if your site is not unacceptable to be advertised. We care about the safety of users and all sites above are reasonable to be forbidden. 

Free Ads Mangement Policy:

This policy is only in place to keep our board active and clean. The user who submitted the free advertisement must top up the post with an update within 14 days from their previous update/response. Failure to comply will indicate abandonment of our community and thread to be moved to an inactive board. We rely on your activity to keep our community alive. 

AD Template
Please copy and paste the code to your new thread and fill not the information to advertise. Any threads that do not include proper template information will be removed without notice.
[b]<i class="fa fa-id-badge" aria-hidden="true"></i> Site Name [/b]:
[b]<i class="fa fa-link" aria-hidden="true"></i> Site URL [/b]:
[b]<i class="fa fa-file-text" aria-hidden="true"></i> Site Type [/b]: (Blog, Forum, Website)
[b]<i class="fa fa-tags" aria-hidden="true"></i> Site Tags [/b]:
[b]<i class="fa fa-info-circle" aria-hidden="true"></i> Site Description/AD [/b]:
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