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Free Content Service Information
We are proud to offer opportunities to our loyal members some free services using their credits on your account earned from posting messages. These packages are free, non-negotiable, and provided as is. If you do not want like the plans we offer, we offer higher quality, increased limit of content at a very low price for premium.

Blog Package - Free [Current Rate: 20sc per comment]

Package: 3 Blog comments
Price: 60sc

Forum Package - Free [Current Rate: 15sc per post]

Package: 5 posts
Price: 75sc

Youtube Package - Free [Current Rate: 10sc per comment/ 5sc per minute video MAX 8 minutes]

Package: 1 Video comments
5 min Video Price: 35sc (add 3sc every additional min MAX video length is 8 mins)
Note: We will round minutes if your video is not an exact time. (Ex. 5:01 - 5:29 = 5 mins/5:30 - 5:59 = 6 mins)

Blog Package - Premium [Current Rate: $0.20 per comment]

Package: 6 Blog Comments
Price: $1.20
Fees: $0.34
Total: $1.54

Forum Package - Premium [Current Rate: $0.15 per post]

Package: 10 posts
Price: $1.50
Fees: $0.35
Total: $1.85

Youtube Package - Premium  [Current Rate: $0.20 per comment/ $0.10 per minute Max 20 mins]

Package: 1 video comment
5 Min Video Price: $0.70 (add $0.10 every additional min Max 20 minutes)
Fees: Start at $0.33
Total: Start at $1.03

Note: We do round the time. See free youtube details for more information how we calculate it.

Important Notice: Fees are required by Paypal and we do not benefit from those fees. The package price before fees will what we get. We apologize for the high fees. We do believe our packages are extremely cheap and it supports us with hosting expenses!

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