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Free Content Service Information
We are proud to offer opportunities to our loyal members some free services using their credits on your account earned from posting messages. These packages are free, non-negotiable, and provided as is. If you do not want like the plans we offer, we offer higher quality, increased limit of content at a very low price for premium.

Blog/Article Packages 

Bean Sprout
Content Offer: 4 Comments/1 User
Price: 20 Gems

Forum Packages 

Content Offer: 3 Topics + 2 Posts 5/1 User
Price: 35 Gems

Youtube Package

Content Offer: 1 Comment for up to 5 min Video/User
Extra: +5 Gem every 1 minute
Price: Starting at 10 Gems
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Do you offer articles as well?
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Hi Jerlene,

We are going to re-establish our posting service throughout this week. :)
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