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Is Windows 10 really Microsoft's last operating system?
Do you think that Microsoft will maintain Windows 10 indefinitely and just release updates every now and then, or will they eventually create a new operating system? Personally, I don't see them creating anything new anytime soon. Undecided
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I think they are serious about not releasing any further major operating systems. They are going more toward the type of O.S. model that Apple has. You have one O.S. and then you will get larger (service pack like) updates to your system. It all aligns with Microsoft going more towards Windows as a Service.
This is really interesting and never thought of a final Operating System. Windows 10 been really good in performance and the interface is extremely modern. Unless new technologies are developed and better performance areas a new system might be released. I cannot believe their has been 3 OS from my favorite Windows XP though. I feel like an old internet user and I am only 21.
For the foreseeable future, they're just going to maintain Windows 10 and update it progressively. However, I expect it'll only be a matter of time before something unforeseeable happens, which requires them to get to work on a new operating system.

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