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Help Desk Template Needed
Hey so I need help in mostly the template code for a Help Desk Service Website Design I checked on Google and I don't seem to find any good ones that suit my requirements What I need is Home Page - A clear indication of who you are (Your Name) and what your site supports (tastefully done), logo, etc.

On Home Page or a separate page - General information about your support center - hours of operation, what you do and don't support. Can they contact you by phone?; etc.

Separate page - FAQ for your specialty. Make sure all FAQ's are listed at the top of the page with links to answers below with Back To Top links for each answer.

Separate Page - Tips and Tricks for your specialty. These are usually more difficult than FAQ's and not normally well-known. Rewrite tip as a question and answer and format the same as the FAQ's above (List all at the top with links to answers and Back To Top links at end of answer). Add at least 5 tips/tricks.

Separate Page -

Separate Page - An on-line form allowing users to ask appropriate questions and submit problems or requests. You DO NOT have to create a confirmation/response page. You must have at least one text box, one drop-down box, and either a list using radio buttons or checkboxes.

Other Details: Web Site should have a consistent theme across all pages, navigation on each page and bookmark links (return to top, etc) on pages that are long. Note: A black background is difficult to read- if you use black, make sure the font and colors show up properly. No page should be a dead-end

Thank you. Willing to Pay PP$ for this.
Friendly BUMP Still Looking

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