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Do we have any gaming fans here? What type of games do you guys like to play and how often do you game? As I'm on my gap year and not doing much in terms of travelling until a bit later this year, I spend quite a bit of my day gaming. It's still not crazy numbers like some other gamers out there but for me, it's quite a lot. I would probably spend about 2-4 hours gaming depending on how busy I am in terms of my website and work I'm doing. Right now I tend to just play both Fortnite Battle Royale and FIFA 18 (on the PlayStation 4 by the way).
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I like Mario, Donkey Kong games as well as a few sports ones. Nonetheless, I normally have little time for games, and of what I do play, it's always the Mario stuff. Anyway, of the sports ones, I like American Football the best. However, though, from years back, I remember that baseball was incredibly fun and basketball and soccer weren't that bad.
Football games are my favorite, I don't think there has been any game to ever be created that would have the power football games posses over me. I play football as much as I game with it on gaming consoles especially my Playstation 4, Football Manager 2012, Top Eleven Football Manager on my Android phone and a whole lot more.

Games are practically what takes over my leisure time and I simply cannot get enough of it. I can actually game for hours without getting tired or feeling bored by the game as long as it's football game. Most times when I play with friends, we do place bets on winning to intensify our competition and commitment in playing perfect.
Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising is keeping me awake late at night. I highly recommend this game to you. Lot's of interaction with the other players. For sure, you'll gonna have fun. Enjoy!
I do play games like Dota as part of my past time, specially when I am bored and when I don't have any important things to do. I play Dota for almost 6 hour straight or even more if I got hooked on the game. I like the fact that you can interact to other people while playig this game and you can even make friends with them and eventually make a team. Besides from playing dota, I am also a fan of call of duty and battlefield. I like how the story of both this game was portrayed and every time you are playing the game, you feel like you are in this virtual reality world that you are the one characterizing the character and not the player.

So for me what ever kind of a game it is, as long as it makes happy when playing it, that's good for me..
I play online games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor. These are the type of games that I really like. But as of now, I am not playing these games for a while since I am having my Internship. But I promise to myself that once I graduate, I will get back to these games again soon.
When I game I prefer some of the Super Mario titles on Nintendo Wii U, or NFL and NBA titles on XBOX One. I also enjoy the survival horror games found on PS4 or XBOX One.
I only play offline Games like Banana Kong using my phone, Because its my favorite, It has a Gorilla main Character, And the Gorilla has friends, There's a wild boar to help him Smash Rock For him to gain more bananas, a giraffe to let him stay above the trees, a toucan that will let him fly, a snake that would help him slide on bamboos and a cheetah that will give him a head start. there is also a sea turtle that will help him travel in water, please try this game, its very wonderful you can search it in app store or play store, Just type "Banana Kong"
I've been a gamer since childhood! Playing games had become a form of passion for me. I loved playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City. It was my favourite game back then and even now. I was also obsessed with playing Need for Speed Most Wanted. Currently, I'm playing Farcry 4 and Tekken 7 on my PC.
I play candy crush for now. I am trying to finish all the level. It is not easy to finish each level and there are 100s of level available. It is fun and decreases my boredom. I also tried playing other online games such as heroes evolved, mobile legend and clash of clan.

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