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Blogs vs Forums - Which is more profitable?
Hello, Webmasters!

Which do you think is more profitable, Blogs or Forums? Which of these gets more revenue from ads? Are forums out of date now? Or are they still active compared to the previous years?

Do people like to visit blogs more at this age? Is it also cheaper to create and maintain a blog or forum?

What are your thoughts?
Blogs are definitely the easier thing to set up and make money from. This is because even though there are several blogs out there, you can still do quite well with certain niches and make money from things like sponsorships and advertisement revenue. This can be increased by a lot if your blog grows large enough to get thousands of visitors per day. I think that most forums, especially the new ones are dying quite quickly which makes it extremely hard to make money from them anymore really. It's sad but you need to have a pretty active forum with hundreds or thousands of posts a day to make even a decent amount of money from.
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I also agree that Blog is more easy to manage and you don't need to manage members.
Also ads space on blog are more attractive than ads space in forums.
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