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The Duel Game Guidelines
Promotion Paradise is a community for webmasters to chat, relax, and promote their own site. However, Tikis have began to create a dramatic way for engaging promotion against webmasters and communities for honor and glory. Tikis prohibit the cost of PP Cash to use this service, but to reward participants in the duel. Thanks to our fellow Tikis, you may enroll in a duel for FREE.

Game Format
  1. Each Duel Game will consist 3 participants and their desired websites that they own/staff.
  2. Each Duel Game will be taken into voting for 7 full days before voting closes.
  3. In an event of a tie, the first person to comment “TIKI TIKI” will break the tie.
Game Guidelines
  1. You must own or are a staff of the site you are entering the duel.
  2. Join a Duel game that has “Waiting for Participants”. If there is no waiting games, start a new one. You cannot start a game if there is one waiting to start.
  3. Edit the thread with the prefix “poll needed”
  4. Once 3 participants entered the duel, a protection team member will create a poll.
  5. Do not create multiple accounts to cheat
  6. You are encouraged to let your community know to vote for your site in the duel. However, they need to have a Promotion Paradise account.
  7. Site that has the most votes will be the winner and get the maximum prize.
1st => 12 Points + 60 PP Cash
2nd => 6 Points + 20 PP Cash
3rd => 3 Points + 20 PP Cash

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