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Happiness is a choice. Agree or disagree?
Question that I've heard a lot of times but really interesting to answer. I agree that happiness is a choice, It is our privilege to choose where we can have happiness. It can be found by Loving someone or getting something that we like. A question that so many thing to answer. But What do you think? base on your own opinion. What is happiness for you?
Yes I do agree with you that happiness is a choice. You can't let other people choose happiness for you even if its good for your sake from what others people's point of view. You're the only one who knows what kind of happiness you are seeking. When other folks tries to control your life, it will only make you choke and makes your life more miserable. Maybe it depends on what kind of happiness. If its a bad habit then there should someone controlling you for you to avoid those.
I do agree that happiness is our choice. Actually, just like how there is a negative and positive, we also have choices when it comes to our decisions in life. If there's a bad outcome, there's also a good outcome. However, we humans, we make our decisions foolishly by thinking only of the short-term happiness but not of the long term happiness. Just like for example our relationships. Some millennial's today prefer a partner with a beautiful/handsome face and a good family background instead of an average looking entrepreneur with a college degree and a stable job. I mean, if you think about it, face will have wrinkles and inheritance can be taken away by debts and relatives. Well, that's just my observation and I hope that no one is offended with it. As a conclusion, I would like to say that it's better to weigh things before finalizing a decision.
Yes, Happiness is not something that we capture through the affirmation or actions of others. Attaining happiness is done by simply telling yourself that happiness is a choice you are willing to make and a choice you have to commit to. Always be grateful and generous to the people who make you smile and always take the time to savor and appreciate the little things that brighten up your day.

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Happiness is a choice. Agree or disagree?00