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Do you think that CCTV is very essential?
CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV it's a video surveillance where it can monitor and record what's going on in the specific area. I believe that having a CCTV in different areas are so very essential nowadays because they can monitor what's really happening in their surroundings. Before it's kind of weird having a CCTV because you're like being watched all the time that you don't have a freedom anymore but now whenever I'm watching the news they can solve the crime easily if there is a CCTV in their area. They can easily detect who the suspect is and it could be served as an evidence for the crime they committed so they won't deny it anymore because the camera doesn't lie.

Do you think that CCTV is very essential?
In today's society, CCTV cameras are very important. There are a lot of people with questionable personalities willing to wreck mischief and havoc. CCTV systems are vital in recording events like burglary or theft.

CCTV cameras add another level of security and it gives people peace of mind. Imagine a back without a CCTV camera. Imagine your workplace without a CCTV camera. Imagine malls without CCTV cameras. You won't feel safe. You won't feel secure. Even dash cams in cars are now becoming more vital.

CCTVs are here to stay. L
For me, I agree that CCTV camera is essentials. There are several cases resolved because of CCTV footage that was captured behind. It somehow help us feeling secured and safe if there is a CCTV around in a certain place. It is also helpful to a business establishment.
Yes but sometimes it's useless because either the CCTV you bought is not clear and you can't really identify the culprits. Sometimes the culprits wears mask or they are riding in a single motor. The barangay officials should put a lot of CCTV's around the place for them to capture the culprit easily.
CCTV and other recording device is essential nowadays because of it's surveillance capabilities. There also CCTV's that is capable of protection integration like alarm control, SMS and Mail notification and PAN/ ZOOM features. Lastly CCTV footage are accepted as evidence on criminal proceedings which can make the result easier or faster.

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