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Filipino Cuisine
What is your favorite Filipino dish? 
What Filipino Recipe can you boast? 
What is the best dish have you ever tasted?
my favorite filipino food is pork adobo..very simple and easy to cook..then,add a bit of pepper to get it spicy..come and visit me at home and i will cook you some..
My favorite Filipino food is Afritada. I love all types of Afritada like Chicken, Pork, and Beef Afritada. I can actually cook it but I still need to look at a recipe book. However, with regards to the Filipino cook that I can proudly cook without any guide, that would be Chicken Tinola with lots and lots of native spices and ingredients.
My favorite Filipino dish is sinigang. Even if is shrimp sinigang, pork sinigang, or fish sinigang, I will always love the sour taste of sinigang in my mouth. I like sinigang with a lot of raddish and vegetables in it.
My favorite dish is adobo especially if it's a spicy adobo. It's easy to prepare but you will enjoy the taste. I think in every occasion adodo is always present in the table even in a simple family gathering it's always prepared.
My favorite Filipino dish would be sinigang not because of Liza Soberano (LOL!!)well ever since I was a kid I love the sour tangy taste of sinigang. You may put shrimp, pork, beef or chicken and I still love it. I can boast my recipe of sinigang as it is my favorite dish.
I love Kare-Kare and Dinuguan. The distinct taste of these dishes is very unique. They also have different variants per region so it's fun tasting and eating them. I also don't get "umay" everytime I eat it. I believe these dishes shows the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Filipinos.
My favorite Filipino dish is the Pork Sinigang. I don't know but I can eat more rice than usual when this is the dish. But it was ironic to say that the dish I can boast is adobo,why because this one is simple to cook just a perfect blends with soy sauce and vinegar plus seasonings and other ingredients, Maybe because I cannot meet the same taste of Sinigang of My grandmother, that is why Adobo is the dish I can boast haha:) And the best dish I've ever tasted as I mentioned before is the ultimate Sinigang of my grandmother :)
One of my favorite Filipino dishes is kalderetang kambing. A hearty meat stew with potatoes, peppers, and liver sauce. This stew is traditionally made with goat, but you can also sub in beef or chicken. Kalderetang Kambing is considered more special and it also goes well as an appetizer and is best when a beer is around.

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