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Spring 2018 Posting Contest & More|$30 Cash Prize
Moderator Message: Information about this contest has been updated here: link. Information on this thread has outdated information. However, this still has essential information regarding the contest.
 Spring 2018 Posting Contest

Hi Folks,

Promotion Paradise's First Official Posting Contest! Where the user who posts the most from March 16th to April 24th will win $30. The prize will be delievered online and information will be provided below this post. Throughout the contest we will host some raffles, easter egg hunts, and other games. We have provided some Frequently Asked Questions and some guidelines to understand how to particpate in this contest. 

Show ContentWho Qualifies For This Contest?:

Show ContentWhat Restrictions Are In This Contest?:

Show ContentRaffle Dates,Times, & Information?:

Show ContentPrize Information:

Show ContentEnrollment Form:
Wow, this is a very good opportunity to make some passive income while enjoying what I do on the forum. Hey you $30, I'm coming out all guns blazing for you. Thanks for presenting us with this opportunity in an amazing contest, I hope to win it.
I'm new here and now I'm hyped up to get those 30$!! That cash prize will definitely boost the post in this forum. I hope we can all post interesting topics so that everyone here can relate. 30$ on the line here we gooooooooooo!!!
I'm glad to have just recently joined this forum and bumping into this offer of $30 contest for just making posts or creating threads. This is really wonderful and I'm going in with both hands and feet to see how possible it would be for me to secure the prize. It's on already, so let's take it to the next level of increased posts and thread creation.
Very interesting contest, A excellent development from this site. Is comments is included to the points? or just a thread? I wonder if the comments will consider as post, and also, what is the PP points? where can i use the PP points? I don't even know how did I earn that. Anyway, thanks for this contest. it will helps a lot to the winner.
I'm interested in the contest. Please sign me up.
Hi Robbie, I would like to join in this contest however when I look on the Enrollment form to view it was found Error404?

I did not know if the problem was on my side or on the other side I would like to express my sincerest excitement that I would like to join in this contest . I would like to know if there is any other way I can join here? Or because I have already an account here it means I am already capable to join?

Hoping for your reply .Thank you!
Hi Joey,

My apologies we are experiencing coding errors for the form. The link should take you to the form. Click on enrollment link. :)
Wow! I just joined this forum and I find this so interesting! This is another way of motivating us to post more. I'm so excited to win 30$!
Will we only know the order once the contest is over or is there a way that we can see how many others have posted?

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Spring 2018 Posting Contest & More|$30 Cash Prize00