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Cash or Card!?
I prefer payments with cash so I would spend less. It feels more painful to part with your money in cold cash than when it is in a card or digital form. This way, I save more money and prevent myself from impulse buying when I am in a store.

The card does have its benefits though, especially when buying things online.
Over here in my country, people prefer taking payments in cash form than from card. The truth is that ignorance have affected most people that they don't feel safe with what technology is doing today with buying and payment. People prefer to have their cash in hand as a means of payment than having it wired to their bank account.

Personally, I'm not favoring anyone as I'm very comfortable with paying by either cash or card. Whichever one the seller chooses, I will gladly abide by it.
Actually before, I chose cash, but right now. I think card is much better to use compare to cash. Using card right now is very convenient, and you will receive a lot of discount by using card as payment, and it's very safe to use, specially right now with a lot of pickpocket-er. It's very easy to use, and the amount of payment is always exactly, because sometimes some waiter or in the store, if you pay cash, it's looks like they waiting for something.
When it comes to storing money, having a card is a good style. But when it comes in buying things, having a cash will always be the most comfortable thing to do rather than having a card.
I usually carry both but it depends on what I am doing that day, or where I am going. If u was going downtown I would  carry cash and leave the  bank card either at my office   and take cash.
Sometimes It's all depends on the situation or place and also to the promos of your card. You will get a lot of incentives and discount by using your card. For me card is much more better to use right now.
I prefer to use cash, because you can monitor your budget and how much money you spend every day. Because using some credit card or any other card is losing the worth of money because all you see is numbers, you feel convenient and easy to use, you can purchase items anywhere online or in local stores but without noticing you spend too much money than your basic needs. But sometimes it depends on how you discipline yourself but in my own experience I will use cash.

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