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What are your thoughts on Rules of Survival? Which platform do you think is better, mobile phone or computer? It is no doubt that it is better to play in a computer but in this game there are a lot of cheaters in PC. Playing in mobile game is harder than PC because of the controls but at least there are no cheaters like in the PC game. What do you prefer?

Hi everyone! I am Zianneil. I am an entrepreneur and I hope to have some suggestions and opinions from you. Thanks!

I'm looking to start my own blog soon, and I'm wondering how many of you have your own blogs. What have you found, content wise, that has been successful for them? How often do you post on your blog?

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Amelia and hail from California, but live in Japan right now for work. I'm hoping that soon I'll start a blog about life and traveling here, so I'll keep you all posted when that happens.

Until then, glad to be here!

Hi Folks.

Welcome to Promotion Paradise! We are excited that you have become part of our community and access our wonderful free services. We have provided a useful guide for new users that are brand new to a promotion forum and to provide important information on how to use our forum correctly.

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We have established a point system called "credits" to reward users for advertising their site, posting updates, posting discussions, replying to discussions, and so much more! You may use credits for requesting content services or to move your Free ADS to the Premium section for maximum exposure in a smaller list. Credits are easy and free to earn from your active participation.  
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We offer a section of our forum dedicated to the promotion and free advertising to all members who have an account. We have an easy to use the form for the correct template to provide all essential information to advertise. It is extremely important that you read our AD guidelines before submitting any sites to advertise! 

Useful Tips!

  • <i class="fa fa-refresh" aria-hidden="true"></i> Top up - There will be many advertisements being displayed which will result in some not being shown on the frontlist. It is extremely important to post updates or useful information about your site every 12 hours. If you try to post before 12 hours, a horizontal line will appear and it will be counted as an edit to your recent post. We try to prevent abuse and spam of top-ups and allow everyone a fair wait time to top up your site. 
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We will provide some useful tips in the future. Smile

I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema to watch a movie - we usually watch stuff on Netflix from home!

How often do you visit a cinema to watch a movie?

We all know how important our computers are. Nowadays the use of computer are more in demand than before. From entertainment to business transactions you name it, a high portion of the population use computers for access. Like other electronic products computers need maintenance and tuning. Whether its in the hardware side or software side, maintenance is essential to keep our computer reliable. There are may ways and practice on how to maintain a computer, can you share yours? How do you maintain your computer?
[Image: Dusty-dirty_PC.jpg]

I have recently added Art of War : Red Tides on my steam and i love the game. Its been a while since i played a game in long hours. The game got me hooked after i had a few challenges. Although it took me awhile to be familiar with the functions, i had progress after several trials. The game is very enticing and i highly recommend it... Smile 
[Image: header.jpg?t=1530625372]

Hi there fishbate here, a family guy and a technician by profession. I always love forums, it's where everybody can gain more knowledge and share one's know how. I'm looking forward for great discussions with you guys. Cheers... Big Grin

I am currently using RPG Make MV and I love the flawless feature. I love the built-in support to export the game on google play or have it playable on your website. Which is a great perk and reduces a lot of hassle coding it to work on mobile devices.

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